A Custom Tombstone

The cemetery headstones rochester ny is the place where we remember a deceased person. When we are going to visit a grave of a loved one. Often after the visit there is a walk through the adjacent corridors. In this walk we see the most beautiful parts of the bronze cemetery, some will look like true parks. You can see in graveyard, many tombstones do not have proper maintenance. There are some peoples to take care of your loved ones tombstones too.

What is the material of my tombstone plaques?

The first thing we need to choose the material of your dear ones gravestone. In this we have three main possibilities like granite, marble headstones and stainless steel. Formerly marble was the king of  granite cemeteries, but nowadays and due to the price of this material, it is more usual to see other materials such as granite. We are going to shed one by one operations which we must carry out for conservation of the headstones farmingdale ny. There will be talk about the granite for being more common although we must distinguish if it is polished or not.

Unpolished granite

With this tool we will scrub the surface of the entire tombstone. We do this in order to eliminate surface dust, cobwebs or any other element. If we do not do this when we go to the next step and wet the tombstone plaques we will find mud formation that will hinder the correct scrubbing which making it more complicated.

When the surface is scrubbed and the granite is not polished, it is best way to use an acid-based detergent. In these gravestones the mixture of dust or other elements with water creates a dirt that is embedded in the pores. This dirt is very difficult to remove. The scrubbers, which can be based on hydrochloric, phosphoric or acetic acid, what they do is penetrate this layer to achieve desalting. To use one based on acetic acid for two reasons, the first being less caustic than the other two. The second one is much easier to find in the market in diluted formats. Always try first in some inconspicuous part of the dog tombstones to see how it reacts to avoid unexpected surprises.

Polished granite dog tombstones in New York

Always remember to scrub it first with a dry cloth, brush to remove dust. Once this task is done we put in a bucket warm water and any neutral pH soap. In this case we can serve any of the soaps used to wash dishes. Remove the dirt bucket until we get a good amount of foam and introduce a cloth or sponge. With this wet cloth we wet the entire surface of the dog tombstones insisting on all corners.
Once we observe that we have left it scrub, we rinse it with plenty of water. It would be best to do it with a hose, but in case you do not have a nearby water intake, have a bucket of water on hand and throw it on your gravestone. Otherwise, we will have to rinse it with scrub water until we notice that there is no soap remaining.

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