A Engraved Jewish Headstones Cemetery in New Jersey

The cemetery projects reflect our respect for both our ancestors and history. Clearing a neglected cemetery headstones rochester nj takes time, it can’t be done in overnight, as they tend to be extensive areas with delicate elements that require care and attention.

Guide for a Cemetery Memorial

It is important to know the necessary techniques and also the appropriate materials before starting, since not all the materials of the tombstones and etched monuments are polished in the same way. If there is a lot to do, then get some volunteers who will help you to complete the task more quickly.

Advance planning

Advance planning is the key, make sure you are prepared for the cleanup day. At least one month before the planned day, begins to gather the necessary supplies. You may need to look for a portable bathroom if there are no sanitary facilities nearby. Determine what work should be done and what equipment will be needed to perform the work. You can ask volunteers to bring work gloves, rakes and any brushing tools that are available to them.

Arrive early and have everything set at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time. Many volunteers tend to appear early. During scrubbing, be sure to be available for any questions or additional directions as needed. Walk, talk to the volunteers and give your thanks for all their help. Take pictures of volunteers and work in progress. After everyone has left, check that all the equipment has been saved and that nothing has been lost.

Initial Tombstones

The initial scrubbing of a cemetery consists essentially of removing the dead branches, collecting the garbage, cutting the grass and brushing. You may even have to prune some trees. If the site has been neglected for a prolonged period, you must carefully remove the growth by hand, you do not want to ruin any gravestones hidden by the brush. Do not use herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers on memorial headstones, the headstone can absorb the substance and suffer adverse damage.

Scrubbing Custom TombstonesDevelop a list that establishes priorities for tombstones that need attention, taking into account that will be different according to their material: marble, granite or bronze. Remember that fixing broken and slanted granite gravestones rochester ny may require a professional. However, a team of volunteers can be trained in some repairs of the tombstone.

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